American Revolutionary War

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Military Miniatures Warehouse (our own brand)  120-mm & 200-mm scale resin kits made in USA.

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John Adams (1735-1826) 200 mm scale resin bust sculpted by Matt Springer, box art by Joe Hudson.  

Our bust features John Adams while he was serving his term as second US President  (1797-1801).  He also served as Americaís first Vice President (1789-1797)  under George Washington.  He is regarded as one of the most influential Founding Fathers of the United States, and one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

The reference photos used by Matt Springer to sculpt the master were based on multiple sources, including  the famous painting by artist Gilbert Stuart (depicting Adams during his term as President), and a bust of Adams sculpted by artist J.B.A. Binon, sculpted in Adamís later years and believed to be his best likeness.

Included resin plaque of John Adams' actual signature.


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MMW1604 Rifleman, American Revolutionary War 1776-1781.  120-mm scale resin kit sculpted by Terry Karselis.  Figure depicted wearing typical 18th century hunting frock, tricorn hat, stockings, gaiters, powder horn, hunting bag, canteen, and holding musket.

Brief history: During the Revolutionary War each state had its own highly prized company of Riflemen.  These men were the Longhunters and the Frontiersmen who traveled, explored and inhabited the far reaches of the Northwest Frontier of Colonial America.  Men like Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, Christopher Gist, and others prized their shooting abilities that had been honed in hunting the wild backwoods of Pennsylvania, Virginia and Kentucky.  When the time came to take on the English, Hessians and Indians, they were the first sharpshooters of the United States Army.  This figure represents a typical rifleman of the Revolution.

temporarily out of stock



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Andrea Miniatures (Spain)  54-mm scale metal kits

ANSGF128 American infantryman of the Revolutionary War, 1780 54-mm scale metal kit $41.99

Michael Roberts  various scale resin kits made in USA.

MR75018 10th Massachusetts Regiment, 1777 75 mm scale resin kit sculpted by Mike Stelzel.

Instructions for painting & assembly included.  Instuctions are for the 10th MA, but with little research can be painted to represent other units during the war.


Nimix  54-mm scale metal kits made in Spain 

NI-3561 Pensacola, 1781 54-mm scale resin kit (also contains photo etched parts & base with implements as shown in photos).

Complete diorama includes 7 figures: three infantry of the Fusilier Regiment, Navarra, one reaching for cartridge, other biting cartridge, plus drummer boy; two officers of the Navarra Regt., one holding photo etched flag, one holding sword & pointing;  two infantry of the Granadier Regt. Inmemorial del Ray.

Brief history:

The "Peace of Paris" treaty that ended the Seven years War was not satisfactory to Spain, who lost the Florida territory to Great Britain.  Before the end of the American Revolutionary War, France & Spain declared war against Great Britain in 1779.  The Pensacola Campaign was commanded by the Brigadier Bernando de Valdez, who arrived in Florida in 1781.  This diorama depicts part of the fighting of that campaign.



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Verlinden Productions  made in USA. 
VL2343 British Redcoat, American Revolutionary War 1/5 scale resin bust $29.99

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