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54-mm Scale White Metal Kits

These exquisitely cast kits are imported from Spain.

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Description Price Photo
AN SGF39 Union Drummer boy with dog 54-mm scale metal kit. temporarily unavailable AN SGF39 Union Drummer boy w-dog.jpg (30503 bytes)
AN SGF41 Gen JEB Stuart 54-mm scale metal kit. $29.99

AN SGF41 Jeb stuart.jpg (38947 bytes)
AN SGF42 Union NY 5th (Duryee's) Zouave 54-mm scale metal kit. $29.99

AN SGF 42 Zouave.jpg (30450 bytes)
AN SGF46 Confederate Officer holding battle flag 54-mm scale metal kit. $34.99

AN SG-F46 Conf flagbearer.jpg (30446 bytes)
ANSGF63 Lt. Dunbar, 1st Lieutenant, Cavalry 54-mm scale metal kit.   $27.99

ANSGF63 Lt Dumbar, 1st Lt., Cavalry.jpg (14272 bytes)
ANSGF95 Gen Robert E. Lee, 1864 54 mm scale metal kit $29.99

SG-F95 Lee.jpg (30095 bytes)
ANSGF127 Drummerboy, American Civil War, 1858 54 mm scale metal kit. $34.99

ANSGF132 Gen Ulysses S. Grant,  1864, standing beside map & small draped table 54 mm scale metal kit. $39.99

ANSGF144 Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer, 1863 54 mm scale metal kit. $42.99

SGF144.jpg (19112 bytes)
ANSGF148 Battle of Atlanta, 1864 two figure vignette 54 mm scale metal kit $64.99

SG-F148.jpg (33481 bytes)
ANS4S10  Major General George Armstrong Custer (1865) riding horse at full gallop (comes with 2 right arms so can be assembled holding sword or Custer's guidon) 54-mm scale metal kit.   $99.99

S4-S10.jpg (19146 bytes)
ANSGS10 Civil War "Express Raider" train 54-mm scale kit.  Contains 7 life-like figures. Photo etched detail parts. Full-color dry transfers and printed flags. Clear easy-to-follow assembly booklet. Choice of two assembly options: Union and Confederate. Instructions in English, French, German and Spanish. $599

SG-S10a Express raider.jpg (57081 bytes)
ANSGS16 "Night of Passion" 54 mm scale metal kit depicts scene from the Hollywood movie epic "Gone with the Wind". $56.99

AN SGA51 Civil War weapons 54 mm scale metal kit 


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