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"Fratz, Rods & Rust: Building Models Crank's Way" by Virgil Suarez.  120 pages, over 200 photos.

This book shows beginners, intermediate, and advanced model car builders how to make their models ZING, ZAP, and POP! with dramatic weathering techniques, flair and character. This book will help make turn your models into unique MASTERPIECES, and you will develop your own building style.
* Doctor Cranky shows you how to weather your models to get them rusty, crusty, and dusty.
* Basic, intermediate and advanced airbrushing tips and techniques.
* Create custom graphics and special FX.
* Scratchbuilding and kitbashing.
EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about creating unique car models that will have people saying WOW.
Plus an exclusive gallery of Doctor Cranky's creations, profiles of some of Doctor Cranky's favorite fellow builders, and much, much more!



F.A.Q. 2 Frequently Asked Questions by Mig Jiminez (English Version)

FAQ 2 by Mig Jiminez.

A completely new book with many new techniques like the Modulation Style, Streaking effects, Salt technique and Hairspray technique.

An improved step by step guide explaining all weathering techniques such the application of mud, dust, rust, chipping, oil , fuel. Also Featured are chapters on composition in dioramas, terrains, vignettes and much more. This is the definitive modeling guide, where you will find many different examples explaining each technique. More than 1400 color photos and over 300 pages explaining all new techniques and some of the classic as well.





FAQ Frequently Asked Questions for Constructing & Painting Dioramas

All that you need to know to build outstanding vignettes and dioramas step-by-step through over 380 questions and answers and more than 1300 high quality photographs.




How to Photograph Scale Models by JM Villaba

How to Photograph Scale Models by JM Villaba (English version) by Andrea

A complete guide to photographing scale models utilizing digital photography.  Soft cover book contains 48 pages and 100 color photographs.




F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions by Mig Jiminez (English Version)

This soft cover book contains over 250 full color pages, more than 1500 photos, & all of Mig's secrets to paint & transform military vehicles. $89.99



Painting Figures with Acrylics

Painting Figures with Acrylics is a complete how-to guide.

temporarily out of stock



"The Model Soldier Manual" by Peter J. Blum

 This represents a re-release of a classic!  This timeless masterpiece, originally written in 1971, is a 40 page book that is designed to give simple, yet professional techniques for creating figures.  It takes you through, step by step, with many illustrations, assembly, painting, conversion, diorama making, etc.  A must addition to your "how-to" library. $5.99 

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Modeling Military Miniatures (Tips, Tools, & Techniques) by Kim Jones

Building upon his previous book, Sculpting Miniature Military Figures, Kim Jones shows how his various techniques and hand-made tools can make the sculptor's project easier. Kim gives tips on constructing weapons, adding straps and belts to a figure, and creating realistic terrain using materials that can be found around the house. In this new book, Kim helps solve some of the seemingly difficult problems that can confront the novice sculptor. Each technique is detailed using close-up photography and clear, concise captions to explain every step. This book is a must for not only military miniaturists, but modelers of all kinds. $14.95 


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