Civil War Busts Page #2A (Union):

The Worster Portrait Series 120-mm (1/15) scale resin busts made in USA

We are proud to present this extensive Civil War bust series sculpted by Terry Worster.  Each bust comes with small resin stand, but we highly recommend the addition of a hardwood bust stand to better display these wonderful likenesses of 30 famous Civil War personalities.

Conversion tip:  Cut off head of these busts and use on body of 120-mm scale figure bodies to create Civil War personality full figures in 1/15 (120-mm) scale!

Click on small photo to see larger photo.

Note well: none of busts on this page are available. 

Unfortunately, this manufacturer has not been answering e-mails

for 2 years, so not sure if they are in business.

Worster Civil War Portrait Series: the Union (1/15th scale resin)


Description Price Photo
WR B01 Abraham Lincoln $15.00


WR B01 lincoln bust.jpg (11792 bytes)
WR B02 US Grant $15.00


WR B02 Grant bust.jpg (18951 bytes)
WR B03 George Meade $15.00


WR B03 G Meade bust.jpg (10555 bytes)
WR B04 WS Hancock $15.00


WR B04 Hancock bust.jpg (19566 bytes)
WR B05 Daniel Sickles $15.00


WR B05 D Sickles bust.jpg (15833 bytes)
WR B06 Gouveneur Warren $15.00


WR B06 G Warren bust.jpg (16183 bytes)
WR B07 John Buford $15.00


WR B07 Buford bust.jpg (14119 bytes)
WR B08 George A Custer $15.00


WR B08 Custer bust.jpg (13135 bytes)
WR B09 Col Joshua Chamberlain $15.00


WR B09 Col J Chamberlain.jpg (5875 bytes)
WR B10 Alonzo Cushing $15.00


WR B10 A Cushing bust.jpg (14752 bytes)
WR B11 William T Sherman $15.00


WR B11 WT Sherman bust.jpg (28200 bytes)
WR B12 Philip Sheridan $15.00


WR B12 Sheridan.jpg (22188 bytes)
WR B13 Thomas Meagher $15.00


WR B13 T Meagher bust.jpg (23608 bytes)
WR B14 Ambrose Burnside $15.00


WR B14 Burnside bust.jpg (18599 bytes)
WR B15 George "Rock of Chicamauga" Thomas $15.00


WR B15 G Thomas bust.jpg (16044 bytes)

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