Imrie Risley

54-mm scale white metal kits made in USA.

For over 30 years, Imrie Risley Miniatures has pioneered the fascinating hobby of model soldier collecting with original designs and remain the leader in the field.  Each figure is cast as fine jewelry in guaranteed uncontaminated metal and comes with complete painting guide.  I/R Miniatures have been on display in such leading museums as the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Boston Fine Arts Museum, and other historical and art museums who use them to explain battles with large dioramas and smaller scenes, as well as individual figures to show period uniforms.

The vast size of this large line prohibits us from listing the entire product series.  We have limited the product offerings here to just those kits that we were able to obtain photos.  The entire Civil War line is listed in our catalog.

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Civil War 54-mm scale paper flags & flag accessories

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Civil War I/R Personality Foot Figures Series 

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Civil War I/R Personality Mounted Figures

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Civil War I/R Vignettes

New I/R Civil War Confederate Cavalry & Misc. Figures

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