Groundwork & Diorama Aids:

Joefix Studios (from Belgium) 

groundwork line ideal for 1/32 (54-mm) and 1/35 (48 mm) scales.  Most products work with virtually any scale


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Leaves & trees (natural) Pollard willow trees + various leaves in different colors, sizes for brush, ivy, tree leaves, foliage, bushes, hedges, etc.
Grasses Assortment of grass paths, tufts, wild grasses, etc., ideally suited for 54-mm& 1/35 scale.
Bushes, grasses (natural) Various bushes, weeds, bamboo, wildflowers, etc.
Jungle vegetation (plastic) Plastic vegetation to simulate thick jungle growth
Trees Pollard willow trees, pine trees, & palm trees suited for scales 1/35, 1/32, 1/48, 1/72.  Extremely realistic!
Photo etched paper plants Ideal for 1/35 scale, and some work for multiple scales, also extremely realistic!
Metal products & accessories Various metal products used to simulate metal grills, chains, etc.; marble finished paper to fit any scale; textured street& brick finished papers; camouflage netting for armour/artillery, etc. for dioramas

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