Groundwork & Diorama Aids:

J's Work (Hong Kong) 

New groundwork line ideal for 1/32 (54-mm) and 1/35 (48 mm) scales. 

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Photo etched paper plants Photo etched colored paper plants that require no painting, ideal for 1:24, 1:35 & 1:48 scales
Terrain Series Tree trunks, palm tree trunks, cactus plants, etc. cast in resin.  Build your own deciduous trees & palm trees!
Grass Series Assortment of grass tufts & grass mats, useful for 1/35th scale, but works with multiple scales!
Plastic Model Kits for Dioramas 1/35th scale plastic kits depicting modern military equipment and city check point equipment
Diorama Accessories Series: Photo etched military supplies 1/35th scale cardboard photo etched military supplies including boxes, tents, etc.
Diorama Accessories Series: silicon molds Make an endless supply of your own diorama materials!  Use acrylic paints & plaster.  Instructions are shown.
Diorama Accessories Series: plastic & resin kits An array of plastic & resin kits for dioramas including furniture, appliances, computers, etc. all cast in 1/35th scale

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