Kamizukuri (Japan) 

Instructions for using these products.

Photo-etched paper plants compatible with 1/32 and 1/35 scale figures & models.

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Examples of Kamizukuri photo etched products used in dioramas:

(Note: all figures & models shown are 1/35 scale)

click on small photo to view larger image

A group of 3 dioramas:

German infantry diorama includes KA1-35 (sunflowers) and KA7-35 (Brush attached to a tree)

WW2 fighter plane scene includes KA4 (coconut/palm fronds) and depicts the product used as foliage for a palm tree and low jungle shrub growth WW2 armor scene depicts an American tank.  Various Kazizukuri products used to simulate vegetation.




Kamizukuri Instructions

Please read the instructions before starting, and it is best if use real plants as a guide.
Most of all please enjoy your modeling.
Some Kits include small parts. Please take care for young children.


    Paint (Water based, acrylic, felt or marker pen)


    Modeling Knife

    Modeling tweezers (Pin Set)

    PVA Glue


How to Paint

Please use recommended paints.
If the veins on the leaves are light, then use a little watered paint, so as it makes a vein mark. If you use water based paints, the paper will weaken and may be damaged. Please take care. It is best to apply the paint by dabbing it on rather than with brush strokes.
When painting please place tissue or water adsorbent paper under the sheet. After painting please be careful separating the sheet from the water absorbent paper.

How to Cut

Please cut the tabs connecting foliage to the paper sprue. Please take care for correct cutting point. Please use a sharp blade.
Please do not pull foliage from paper sprue as foliage may tear.
Please take care not to lose parts after cutting.
Please do not injure yourself while cutting.
After cutting please use pin set to handle the foliage.

How to Build

When building your plant/tree, please use real pictures as a guide.
Before gluing pieces together please use a toothpick as shown in photo and use only a little glue.
Please use pin set and take care.
Please check where to place pieces before gluing.

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