54-mm Scale Resin Kits (made in Spain)

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Description Price Photo
KW7 Poker Aces!   4 figure vignette of poker players, gambler, cowboy, doctor, army scout, card table, 4 chairs, photo-etched cards and money.  Perfect companion for KW14 listed below. $99.99

KW7 4 poker players.jpg (24263 bytes)
KW8 Bounty Hunter $16.99

KW8 bounty hunter.jpg (17503 bytes)
KW13 Cowboy in leather chaps, holding his hat in hand $16.99

KW13 COWBOY.jpg (15749 bytes)
KW1 US Cavalry Colonel, mounted 1880's $54.99

KW1 COlONEL.jpg (34902 bytes)
KW2 US Cavalry Captain, mounted 1880's $54.99

KW2 CAPTAIN.jpg (34991 bytes)
KW3 US Cavalry sergeant, mounted 1880's $54.99

KW3 SERGEANT.jpg (28820 bytes)
KW4 US Cavalry trooper, mounted 1880's $54.99

KW4 trooper.jpg (38701 bytes)
KW5 US Cavalry trooper with guidon, mounted 1880's $57.99

KW5 guidon.jpg (31596 bytes)
KW23 US Cavalry trooper holding flag (flag not included) 54-mm scale resin kit $59.99

KW23 Abanderado US Cavalry[1].jpg (28911 bytes)

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