Large Scale Civil War Figures Page # 2:

Michael Roberts 100-mm Scale Resin Figures made in USA

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Description Price Photo
MR CW4 Sgt., 11th Indiana (Wallace's Zouaves), 1864, advancing $43.99


MR CW4.jpg (5807 bytes)
MR CW5 Corporal, 1st Georgia Regulars, 1862, marching $39.99


MR CW6 1st Lt., 5th NY (Duryee's Zouaves), advancing with sword raised $39.99


MR CW6.jpg (5139 bytes)
MR CW7 Pvt., 6th Wisconsin (Iron Brigade) reaching for cartridge $43.99


MR CW7.jpg (5859 bytes)
MR CW8 Private, 1st Maryland Battalion CSA, standing relaxed $39.99


MR CW8.jpg (3135 bytes)
MR CW10 Col Joshua Chamberlain, 1863 holding sword $43.99


MR CW10.jpg (6363 bytes)
MR CW11 Private, 1st Texas (the Star Rifles), 1863 standing $43.99


MR CW11.jpg (8000 bytes)
MR CW12 Gen L.A. Armistead, advancing w/sword (Gettysburg-Pickett's Charge, 1863) $43.99


MR CW12.jpg (3768 bytes)
MR CW13 Private, 14th Brooklyn, reaching for cartridge $43.99


MR CW13.jpg (4676 bytes)
MR CW14 Brig. Gen, USA 1861-65, standing relaxed $39.99


MR CW14.jpg (2807 bytes)
MR CW15 Private, CSA infantry, 1861-65, advancing, reaching for cartridge (skirmisher?) $43.99


MR CW15.jpg (5319 bytes)
MR CW18 Private, 26th North Carolina, 1863, charging 100-mm scale resin kit  $39.99


MR CW18.jpg (5604 bytes)
MR CW23 1st Sgt., 7th Michigan Volunteer Cavalry, mounted 100-mm scale resin kit  $149.99


MR CW23.jpg (10045 bytes)
MR CW26 Private, 1st Rhode Island, 1861, loading 100-mm scale resin kit  $43.99


MRCW26.jpg (27702 bytes)
MR CW27 Private, 1st VA Infantry 1862 100-mm scale resin kit 100-mm scale resin kit 



MR CW-27.jpg (16984 bytes)

MR CW28 Confederate Major, 1st Tennessee 1863 100-mm scale resin kit 


cw28a_Major_1st_TN_1863.jpg (22091 bytes)

MR CW29 Cannoneer, War Between the States, 1861 100-mm scale resin kit 


cw29a.jpg (27759 bytes)

MR CW30 Private, 20th Massachusetts, 1863 100-mm scale resin kit includes 2nd spare head + painting instructions to depict figure as Irish Brigade at Fredericksburg (December, 1862)


CW30.jpg (32376 bytes)

MR CW31 Private, 13th/42nd Pennsylvania Bucktails, 1862 100-mm scale resin kit sculpted by Mike Stelzel


MR CW32 Federal Light Artillery Officer, 1862 100-mm scale resin kit sculpted by Mike Stelzel contains 8 resin parts + scenic base.



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