Michael Roberts

54-mm Scale Resin Kits made in USA.

Now a main-stay in our figure hobby, this well-known figure manufacturer is expanding beyond the larger scale kits and introducing products in 54-mm scale.

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MR-ORD8 12lb M1857 "Napoleon" gun 54-mm scale resin kit from the American Civil War. The Napoleon was arguably the most popular field artillery piece employed by both armies during the war.  The kit consists of most resin parts with a few metal parts, rope and chain. Kit also includes 2 sponge rammers, 2 trail hand spikes, and a sponge bucket.  This kit is contains many small and fragile parts and is recommended for experienced modelers

Save a total of $15 by purchasing this Michael Roberts cannon & our field artillery crew listed in below exclusive package offer.


ord8color.jpg (40616 bytes)

ord8b&w.jpg (39211 bytes)

ORD8PK Michael Roberts Napoleon gun (shown above) + 4 man artillery crew package:

Includes Napoleon cannon listed above + artillery battery, Federal army, 1861-1865 four figure set, 54-mm scale resin kit.  Includes artillery sgt, gunner sighting cannon, gunner carrying shot, gunner holding ramrod, extra ammunition (as shown).  Ramrod as shown not included (the cannon includes 2 rammers).  This figure set formally marketed as Cromwell brand, (it is not made by Michael Roberts.)

Save a total of $15 by purchasing this exclusive package!


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MR54-019 Private, 20th Georgia State Regt., Army of Northern Virginia, 1863, 54-mm scale resin kit sculpted by Gary Dumbrowski.


MR54019.jpg (38022 bytes)

MR54-021 Confederate infantry, 1865 54-mm scale resin kit sculpted by Mike Stelzel.  


54021.jpg (37557 bytes)

MR AP14 Fredericksburg house corner section 54 mm scale resin kit , contains wall corner section and brick sidewalk base.  Note: figure shown in photo not included).

Pairs well with Sharpshooter listed below (MR54032B)




MR54032b Confederate Mississippi Sharpshooter 54 mm scale resin kit sculpted by Mike Stelzel. $24.99

MR P54/12 CSA Belt and Cartridge box plates 54 mm scale photo etched set includes CS, NC, SC, Georgia, Alabama Volunteer Corps, Texas, Mississippi, and VMI Oval, CS, Louisianna, CSA, rectangular. CS, Texas, and Virginia 2 piece. $14.99

MR W54-4 Set of five M1842 muskets 54-mm scale resin kit  (sculpted by Gary Dumbrowski) $11.99

(photo soon)
MR W54-6 Set of five Austrian Lorenz muskets 54-mm scale resin kit (sculpted by Gary Dumbrowski).  Used by the Iron Brigade in the earlier years of the Civil War. $11.99

(photo soon)
MR HS-1 Set of 5 bare heads 54-mm scale resin accessory pack


hs1.jpg (20100 bytes)

MR HS-8 Set of 5 bandaged heads 54-mm scale resin accessory pack $9.99

HS8.jpg (14902 bytes)
MR P54-5 American Civil War swords (in scabbards) 54-mm scale resin $9.99

P54-5-ACW-swords.jpg (33003 bytes)
MR Canteens American Civil War canteens, set of 5 $4.95

(photo soon)
MR P75-1 Shoe blanks (ideal for conversions & scratch builds), 5 pair 75-mm scale resin $7.50

(photo soon)

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