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54-mm Scale Metal Kits Made in USA

This  product line features the most popular 54-mm scale figure kits available in a wide variety of Civil War personality figures & famous infantry units.  Compare the figure to a photo of the actual person & you'll be amazed at the likeness!

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Description Price Photo
MA-01  Robert E. Lee $9.99

MA-01 Robert E Lee.jpg (7339 bytes)
MA-02 James Longstreet $9.99

MA-02 James Longstreet.jpg (8227 bytes)
MA-03 J.E.B. Stuart $9.99

MA-03 JEB Stuart.jpg (14234 bytes)
MA-04 A.P. Hill $9.99

MA-04 AP Hill.jpg (8121 bytes)
MA-05 Stonewall Jackson $9.99

MA-05 Stonewall Jackson.jpg (9519 bytes)
MA-06 George McClellan $9.99

MA-06 George McClellan.jpg (9889 bytes)
MA-07 Ambrose E. Burnside $9.99

MA-07 A E Burnside.jpg (10352 bytes)
MA-08 "Fighting Joe" Hooker $9.99

MA-08 Joe Hooker.jpg (7977 bytes)
MA-09 William S. Hancock $9.99

MA-09 Hancock.jpg (14284 bytes)
MA-10 Joshua L. Chamberlain $9.99

MA-10 Joshua Chamberlain.jpg (12129 bytes)
MA-11 P.G.T. Beauregard $9.99

MA-11 PGT Beauregard.jpg (8048 bytes)
MA-12 Joseph E. Johnston $9.99

MA-12 Joe E Johnston.jpg (8743 bytes)
MA-13 Turner Ashby $9.99

MA-13 Turner Ashby.jpg (8884 bytes)
MA-14 George Pickett $9.99

MA-14 George Pickett.jpg (7982 bytes)
MA-15 John Pelham $9.99

MA-15 John Pelham.jpg (7766 bytes)
MA-16 George Armstrong Custer $9.99

MA-16 George A Custer.jpg (9159 bytes)
MA-17 Phil Sheridan $9.99

MA-17 Phil Sheridan.jpg (7633 bytes)
MA-18 James Wilson $9.99

MA-18 James Wilson.jpg (6980 bytes)

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