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54-mm Scale Resin Kits made in USA.

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Kindly note: due to the passing away of the owner of Minie' Ball Miniatures, Mr. Bob Cotrell, there are items from this line that are not available and we are not sure of the future availability of these products.

Our condolences to Col Cotrell's family.


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MB-M02 American eagle flag finial 54 mm scale resin accessory (set of two)

The finials furnished by the Civil War era US government depots were not uniform but were generally broad spear points which resembled the playing card spade. One of the Philadelphia flag makers offered two types of spear and a halberd. When flags were shot to pieces, lost, or captured, they were replaced by the means which was available. This contributed to the lack of uniformity. At such times it was easy to select an eagle as a replacement finial. This is not to say that some units did not have eagle finials at their inception.  They were used on both the regimental and national colors.


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