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MMW-01m Chancellorsville May, 1863: Stonewall Down” 54-mm scale metal kit 3 figure vignette, sculpted by St. Petersburg, Russia artisans.  

New: re-released in white metal (lead free pewter)

Brief history: By nightfall on May 2, 1863, General Stonewall Jackson’s flanking movement attack on Hooker’s Army of the Potomac was losing its fizzle, as the sun began to fall.  Deciding to scope the situation himself, Jackson rode out with his staff and decided to return when he heard the enemy’s sounds of axes and commands of Federal officers.  The party came back in front of the right side of the line of the 18 North Carolina.  Its scattered firing startled Jackson’s horse, Sorrel, who began to swerve.  Jackson was struck in the left arm, and in the right hand.  Captain Richard E. Wilbourne and Lieutenant Wynn lowered Jackson from his horse and onto the ground.  This scene is depicted in our vignette.  Jackson died 8 days later.

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Blockade Runner, American Civil War, 1862 54-mm scale resin kit sculpting & box art by Joe Hudson.  Includes figure, ship deck as shown in photo.  

Brief history: More than three hundred steamers made over 1,300 attempts to run the blockade during the Civil War. Many of these were normal merchant vessels, but an ever-increasing number were purpose-built, with low silhouettes, light draft, and high speed.   Our figure represents one of these brave runners, defying the Union blockade, standing on the deck of his ship, holding a telescope.  


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