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54-mm Scale Resin Kits formally marketed by Cromwell Models

We have purchased the master molds of Cromwell's Civil War & America's West series.  We will roll each figure out as a new release.  Please come back frequently to this page to check for updates. 

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Description Price Photo
MMW54002 Texas Cavalry, 1863 54-mm scale resin kit includes brick wall and scenic base  $14.99

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MMW54004 "Before the Battle", Gettysburg, July 3rd 1863 three figure vignette 54-mm scale resin kit.  Three infantry figures gather to pray before their participation in Pickett's Charge.

Brief history In the 3rd summer of the War, Prior to the ill-fated assault led by Gen James Longstreet on the Union center known as “Pickett’s Charge”, members of the Army of Northern Virginia gather in the woods behind the artillery barrage. These now-seasoned veterans knew of the hazard of their task and gather in prayer.  

Temporarily out of stock


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MMW54005 "Zouave Rescue", Fredericksburg, December 13th, 1862.  54-mm scale resin 2 figure kit contains one NY 5th (Durea's Zouave), wounded, being helped off the battlefield by Union infantryman wearing great coat. $24.99

MMW54006 Colonel Robert Gould Shaw ("Glory') 54th Massachusetts Regiment, Fort Wagner near Charleston, South Carolina, July 18th, 1863.  54-mm scale resin kit.  Box art by Jim Wasserboehr (note: box art contains some conversion work).

Brief history: Shaw led his men (the first all black regiment recruited in the North) in a charge along the beach to the Rebel stronghold, Fort Wagner, as shells and shot rained down relentlessly on the gallant 54th. Though their lines were mowed down and bodies strewn across the sand, he rallied the surviving men onward to scale the walls of the fort. As Shaw reached the top of the parapet, he was struck by a bullet and killed. The following day, his body was buried in the sand along with those of his men. The mission to take the fort did not succeed, but the efforts they made and the significance of what was achieved in that fateful event would not be forgotten.


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MMW54007 Iron Brigade (skirmishers), Brawner's Farm (near Bull Run), August 26th, 1862 two figure vignette (includes scenic base) 54-mm scale resin kit, box art by Ric Fenner.

Brief history: Figures represent 2 skirmishers of the 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Regiment, Privates John Flood & Frank King, neither of whom would survive the War.  Skirmishers were deployed forward, immediately prior to the Iron Brigade’s clash at the bloody battle of Brawner’s Farm in 1862.


MMW54008 Confederate infantryman, dead 54-mm scale resin kit soon MMW54008deadinfantry.jpg (14761 bytes)
MMW54017 Mounted Confederate Cavalry Trooper 1861-1865 (on skittish horse) 54-mm scale resin kit $24.99

MMW54021 Brigadier General George Armstrong Custer, mounted, Gettysburg 1863 54-mm scale resin kit.

Brief history: At Gettysburg, on July 3rd, 1863, CSA Cavalry Gen JEB Stuart ordered his soldiers to go forward in a mounted attack at the Rummel Farm. Yet every appearance of his Confederates in the open fields was met with cannon fire and by a Union counter charge. Among Union troops east of Gettysburg that afternoon was the Michigan Brigade commanded by a brash young officer named George Armstrong Custer. Custer was a newly appointed brigadier general of volunteers and Gettysburg was his first experience in command of troops in battle. Dressed in a new uniform of his own design, the fiery young officer led his troopers through the fighting and was notable for being in the forefront of the repeated Union charges over the Rummel Farm.  George Armstrong Custer was hailed as a national hero for his exploits and courage under fire during the Civil War. He was conspicuous during the Battle of Gettysburg and during the pursuit of Lee to the Potomac River. By the following year, the young officer had risen to the rank of major general and was in command of a cavalry division that he led through the 1864 campaign in Virginia's Shenandoah Valley. Custer loved the attention heaped on him by his superiors and his exploits made for good press in northern newspapers and War Department reports. His quest for glory and personality may have been a bit brash to some, but his performance as a cavalry officer was superb. He commanded his division through the final campaign of 1865 in the pursuit of Lee's army to Appomattox Court House, and it was where his apparent arrogance led to an unceremonious encounter with General Longstreet just prior to the surrender. General Custer had the honor of riding at the head of his troops in the Grand Review in Washington in May 1865, where he received the accolades of countless admirers.

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79th NY Highlanders (Cameron Highlanders), skirmishers, 1st Bull Run, July 21st, 1861 54-mm scale resin kit.  Contains 2 figures & scenic base.  Box art by Ric Fenner.

Brief history:  The 79th New York Cameron Highlanders Regiment was a militia unit formed of Scottish immigrants living in New York City (Manhattan Island) in 1859. They experienced some of the fiercest fighting and suffered some of the highest Union casualties at 1st Manassas.  The 79th Glengarry went through uniform changes during the Civil War (no less than five changes throughout the war!): kilts, trews, doublets, state jackets.sack coats, kepis, etc.  Our kit was painted in the tartan pattern trews, but the trousers can be painted in sky blue or dark blue & still maintain historical accuracy.



Artillery battery, Federal army, 1861-1865 four figure set, 54-mm scale resin kit.  Includes artillery sgt, gunner sighting cannon, gunner carrying shot, gunner holding ramrod, extra ammunition (as shown).  Ramrod as shown not included (each 54 mm scale cannon we sell comes with a ramrod).  Compatible 54-mm scale cannons by Imrie Risley, Monarch, Verlinden.

Photos of individual figures below:

Artillery sergeant:  sgt front web.jpg (40922 bytes)  sgt back web.jpg (37188 bytes)  sgt side web.jpg (36385 bytes)  Gunner sighting cannon:  adj site front web.jpg (37416 bytes)  adj site back web.jpg (32194 bytes)  adj site side web.jpg (35396 bytes)

Gunner holding ramrod: holding ramrod front web.jpg (35118 bytes)  holding ramrod back web.jpg (33838 bytes)  holding ramrod side web.jpg (42238 bytes)    Gunner carrying shot:  carrying shot front web.jpg (42945 bytes)  carrying shot back web.jpg (35486 bytes)  carrying shot side web.jpg (36300 bytes)

Included ammunition: shot web.jpg (35093 bytes)


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