The Great War (World War I)

Various manufacturers in a variety of scales of unpainted figure model kits

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Model Cellar (USA)

Resin kits in various scales


Description Price Photo
MC12B01 Raoul Lufberry, Lafayette Escardrille, 1917 1/12 scale resin bust sculpted by Mike Good $27.50

MC12B04 Werner Voss, 1/12 scale resin bust.  Highly detailed resin bust and excellent likeness of WWI German fighter pilot and 48 victory ace. Cast bare headed with hair combed back; displaying relaxed and friendly expression while wearing Fliegertruppe tunic adorned with Pour Le Mérite at his throat. Includes small pedestal. $27.50

MC12B04.jpg (8189 bytes)
MC60001 Manfred Von Richthofen, the "Red Baron" German WW1 Pilot 1/6 scale (250-300 mm) resin bust sculpted by Mike Good $37.50

MC19005 "Winter in the Trenches" British Tommy, Royal Fusiliers 1915 1/9th scale resin bust sculpted by Carl Reid, box art by randy Meyers $47.00

MC19005.jpg (34988 bytes)
MC32004 Manfred von Richthofen (with his dog, "Moritz") 54-mm scale resin kit  $27.50

MC32004.jpg (35996 bytes)
MC48004 Lothar von Richthofen (includes alternate head with officer's cap) 1/48th scale resin kit sculpted by Mike Good.  See 2nd photo below (MC48005) for figure with head with officer's cap. $12.50

mc48004.jpg (34628 bytes)
MC48005 Manfred and Lothar Richthofen (includes both figures. and alternate heads with officers caps for each) 1/48th scale resin kit sculpted by Mike Good. $22.50

mc48005.jpg (41114 bytes)

mc48005a.jpg (41510 bytes)

MC48006 World War I French Pilot Officer 1/48th scale resin kit $12.50

mc48006.jpg (35610 bytes)

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