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Rado Miniatures RDM35B01 Wedgie Series - street barricade with Goliath, 1944-1945 60X40mm 1/35th scale resin kit.

Street barricade scene with a disabled German remote controlled mine - Goliath. It is best offered for Warsaw Uprising figures but can be used for all World War II urban scenes.

Rado Miniatures RDM35B02 Ruined Norman wall resin cast base with stencils for French wartime wall adverts 1/35 scale kit

Set includes 2 resin parts and 2 stencils by Solidscale allowing to paint popular French beverage adverts from the 30-40's.

Rado Miniatures RDM35S01 Heavy load series - stowage set for Willy MB (for Tamiya Willys jeep scale model) 1/35 scale resin set $16.99
Rado Miniatures RDM35S03 German anti-tank AT magnetic mines & explosives (contains PE). 1/35 scale resin set

Contains 14 pc: 3 x HHL 3; 3 x HHL 3,5; 6 x Geballteladung 3 kg; 2 x Sprengbuechse 1 kg; + +photo etched sheet.



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