Old Steam Navy Civil War  Scale Model Kits

  Cast in resin & pewter and made in USA.

Computer Aid Design software and stereo lithography are used to construct these models. Stereo lithography uses a laser beam, which scans at .004 of an inch, to burn in all the victorious detail.

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Description Price Photo
OSN-30 USS New Ironsides 1/240 scale resin model kit with photo etched & pewter parts.  Kit includes complete custom blueprints, history/instructions, solid resin hull, pewter parts, tungsten wire, & two photo teched sheets, custom designed for this kit.  The hull, with its ram, is almost a foot long & three inches wide.

Currently not available



Civil War era siege & naval artillery, and accessories:


Description Price Photo
OSN-1 10 Inch Rodman Gun Pattern 1861 on a Seacoast Barbette Carriage 1/32 scale resin kit includes pewter carriage

Currently not available



OSN-1 10 in Rodman.jpg (3859 bytes)

OSN-2 Battery Stevens 1/32 scale resin fort kit $36.75

OSN2_Battery_Stevens.jpg (39536 bytes)
Siege, Seacoast, and Naval Cannon Accessories
OSN-4 10 inch bolts 1/32 scale resin kit.  A pack of 8 ten inch bolts. Bolts, with a flat face, were used to penetrate ironclad ships and to reduce fortifications. $10.75

OSN-4 10 inch bolts.jpg (28742 bytes)
OSN-5 10 inch spherical shot 1/32 scale resin kit.  55 Ten Inch Spherical Shot included. $11.95

OSN-5 10 inch shot.jpg (29244 bytes)
OSN-3 10 inch shells 1/32 scale resin kit.  Comes with eight 10" Parrott shells like those fired at Fort Sumter.  Stereolithography was used to make these replicas authentic in detail. $10.75

OSN-3 10 inch shells.jpg (32047 bytes)
OSN-16 13 inch mortar shells 1/32 scale resin kit.  A package of 14 13" Mortar Shells. Make a shell pyramid of 5X4X3X2X1. $11.75

OSN-16 mortar shells.jpg (82644 bytes)
OSN-15 8 inch spherical shot 1/32 scale resin kit.  Package of 55 8 inch spherical shot. Make a 5X4X3X2X1 pyramid of shot. $10.75

OSN-15 8inchroundshot.jpg (55031 bytes)
OSN-13 8 inch Parrott bolts 1/32 scale resin kit.  Contains 8 eight inch Parrott Bolts. $10.75

OSN-13 10inchbolts.jpg (40532 bytes)
OSN-14 8 inch Parrott shells 1/32 scale resin kit.  Contains 8 eight inch Parrott shells. $10.75

OSN-14 10inchshells.jpg (39838 bytes)
OSN-6 Set of four gabions 1/32 scale resin kit.   $7.20

OSN-6 gabions.jpg (56724 bytes)
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