Old Steam Navy Civil War  Scale Model Kits

  Cast in resin & pewter and made in USA.

Computer Aid Design software and stereo lithography are used to construct these models. Stereo lithography uses a laser beam, which scans at .004 of an inch, to burn in all the victorious detail.

Click on small photo to see larger photo and detail of kit description.

Civil War era siege & naval artillery, and accessories:

Siege, Seacoast, and Naval Cannon Accessories
OSN-16 13 inch mortar shells 1/32 scale resin kit.  A package of 14 13" Mortar Shells. Make a shell pyramid of 5X4X3X2X1. $11.75

OSN-16 mortar shells.jpg (82644 bytes)
OSN-15 8 inch spherical shot 1/32 scale resin kit.  Package of 55 8 inch spherical shot. Make a 5X4X3X2X1 pyramid of shot. $10.75

OSN-15 8inchroundshot.jpg (55031 bytes)
OSN-13 8 inch Parrott bolts 1/32 scale resin kit.  Contains 8 eight inch Parrott Bolts. $10.75

OSN-13 10inchbolts.jpg (40532 bytes)
OSN-14 8 inch Parrott shells 1/32 scale resin kit.  Contains 8 eight inch Parrott shells. $10.75

OSN-14 10inchshells.jpg (39838 bytes)


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