Battery Stevens Fort 1/32 scale resin model kit

 made in USA by Old Steam Navy

# OSN-2



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#OSN-2 Enjoy placing your gun behind a replica of Battery Stevens. Battery Stevens was located on Morris Island, South Carolina and was one of many sand forts protecting heavy Union artillery. Battery Stevens was immediately to the left of Battery Reno. It was 4,278 yards from Fort Sumter and 1,875 yards away from Battery Wagner. Its armament was two 100 pounder Parrott rifles (6.4 inch). These guns were served by a detachment of Company C, First United States Artillery. Commanded by 1st Lieutenant James. E. Wilson. Battery Stevens was a breeching battery located among those described as "The Left Batteries" in the Siege of Charleston. It was used against Fort Sumter, Battery Wagner, and Battery Gregg.  Comes complete with 4 gabions and painting instructions.   Can be used to represent other forts from many historical eras.

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