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Photos of painted figures
Rod Allison 3rd NJ Butterflies.jpg (42573 bytes) 14th.jpg (30225 bytes) Rod's (New Zealand) pieces, both in 120-mm scale, include Verlinden's 3rd NJ Hussar ("Butterflies") with slight conversion and CiFi's 14th Brooklyn VI with additions.  Great work Rod!
Keith Bernard

 IMG_4806 ACW dio.jpg (54787 bytes)  IMG_4857 scw dio 3.jpg (45711 bytes)  IMG_4858 acw dio 2.jpg (42057 bytes) IMG_4860 acw dio 4.jpg (44244 bytes)  IMG_4862 acw dio 5.jpg (41521 bytes)Keith Bernard's diorama is now complete!  Filled with dozens of 54-mm scale figures from an array of manufacturers such as Shenandoah, I/R, Bussler, our own 1st TX series etc.  The diorama groundwork is from Ken Purtell of Charleston, SC and the flags are by Rick O'Brien from Huntsville, AL, figures (about 260 of them!) by Keith.  An 8 year project finally done!  Thanks Keith.

Joe Boyd

54002a.jpg (34214 bytes)  Berdan SS.jpg (26163 bytes) MR CSA seaman.jpg (29112 bytes)  Verlinden Jackson.jpg (28090 bytes)Mr. Boy'd collection of Civil War figures in various scales includes our own Texas Cavalry figure (54002) pictured on far left.  Nice work!

Walt Damon

jackson-marine1.jpg (40580 bytes)  jackson-marine2.jpg (39080 bytes)  WDs Mounted Buffalo Soldier.jpg (38873 bytes) Here's an excellent example of creating vignettes with 2 figure brands (Valiant & United Empire, 2 photos on left).  Walt entitles this 54-mm scale gem "Gen Andrew Jackson w/US Marine, Battle of New Orleans 1815".  The Buffalo Soldier figure (right) is an excellent example of a conversion of Andrea's John Wayne mounted cavalry figure.

Ric Fenner

  Added 3/18/07.  Rick's fine renditions of some popular figures, all in different scales, depicting American history illustrate an obviously seasoned & veteran figure painter!  From left, Verlinden's Apache in 120-mm scale; Michael Robert's Minuteman in 75-mm scale; Post Miltaire's Wolf Scout in 90-mm scale;  M&B's Woodland Indian in 54-mm scale.  Thanks, Ric!

Matt Hauck

g'burg dio by Matt Hauck.jpg (50326 bytes) g'burg dio 2.jpg (39409 bytes)  Matt's photos depict the Des Kit artillery crew with filed piece represented scene of diorama from the battle of Gettysburg

  This newest photo (taken by Jim Starkweather of Historicus Forum, which Matt obtained from Jim) was featured at the 2007 SCAHMS Show.  Matt's rendition of Des Kit's Civil War surgeon depicts the harsh realities of 19th century battlefield horrors.  Well done!

Bill Hessling

Bill's passion for history is evident & portrayed in a variety of historical eras from the 17th through the 20th century in these photos.  Note he's touching all bases in our hobby from single figures to vignettes to dioramas to box dioramas to model kits!  Excellent work & thanks, Bill for sharing!


Contact Bill for commission work at fair prices:

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