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Total War Miniatures (Spain)

1/48 scale resin figures

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TWM-48002 Waffen SS, Ardennes, 1944 two figure set 1/48 scale resin kit, sculpted by Manel Arin.

Brief history:  Based upon the well-known artwork of Ron Volstad, this resin figure set depicts two members of the Kampfgruppe Peiper in the Belgian town of Stoumont in December 1944. The panzer crewman wears the standard SS pattern black Panzerjacke, black Einheitsmütze, and Dot pattern camouflaged drill trousers for Armored Personnel. The panzergrenadier wears the M1942, type 2 Smock printed in Oak Leaf "A" summer side, M-44 Dot pattern camouflaged trousers, and M1943 Einheitsfeldmütze field cap; armed with an MP40, a single set of canvas pouches, and a Panzerfaust. It is possible, however, to paint trousers and smock in other camo patterns, or even in single field grey color for the trousers.


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TWM-48003 Soviet summer scouts two figure set 1/48 scale resin kit, sculpted by Manel Arin.

Brief history: This first set of "Razvedchik" includes 2 Red Army scouts dressed in the two-piece garment with an "amoeba" camouflage pattern dating from 1937-38, worn over the standard 1943 field uniform and pilotka field cap. Armed with the German MP40 (captured from the enemy) and the PPS-43 sub-machine guns, the rest of the equipment is minimal: binoculars (also often captured from the German opponents), ammo pouches, a Tokarev pistol in its holster, and a map case. The "amoeba" pattern camouflaged coverall was a loose fitting cotton garment, very baggy, with a large hood, intended to be worn by special forces, notably scouts, snipers, engineer scouts and mountain troops. It was produced in several shades of black or dark brown printed in large rounded splotches over a green or khaki background.


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TWM-48006 US Airborne Ardennes Set 1 two figure set 1/48 scale resin kit, sculpted by Manel Arin.

Brief history: Bastogne´s defense by the 101 AIRBORNE and some other units against the German Fifth Panzer Army in the last 2 weeks of 1944 became a symbol for the US Army in the ETO. The battledress of the airborne troops in that winter battle differed little from other GIs, but there were some evident distinctive features such as the extra cargo pockets added on the M43 trousers or the M3 fighting knife strapped on the lower leg. The M1942 wool overcoat remained the standard cold weather garment until the war´s end, but due to the lack of winter supplies many soldiers fought without that item. Winter rubber overshoes, scarves and gloves were also worn, although not widely issued. The web-gear of these paratroopers on combat patrol duties in the outskirts of Bastogne is very simple: the Browning Automatic Rifle with ammo pouches belt and suspenders, and the M1 Garand with pistol belt and cloth bandoleers. The helmets are supposed to be the M1C airborne model, covered sometimes with white bed-sheets as improvised winter camouflage cover.



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