Verlinden Productions Civil War Scale Model Kits

Cast in resin and made in USA.

Click on small photo to see larger photo and detail of kit description.   


Description Price Photo
VL 1639 8" Columbiad on Casemate Carriage 54-mm (1/32) scale resin kit includes figure & implements (as shown) $41.99

VL 1639.jpg (21492 bytes)
VL 1852 Confederate 8" Armstrong Rifle 54-mm (1/32) scale resin kit (includes figure as shown).   $39.99

VL1852.jpg (14859 bytes)
VL2120 CSS Atlanta Civil War ironclad. 1/200 scale resin model kit.  Waterline vessel $27.99

2120.jpg (62020 bytes)
VL2134 Royal Navy Carronade, late 1700's 54-mm scale resin kit, includes gun, ship deck, figure, accessories (as shown) $34.99

2134.jpg (35144 bytes)


Click here to view compatible 54 mm scale artillery crew by Carolina Miniature for large guns

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