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Armand P. Bayardi - Model Maker (USA)

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High quality scenic products that compliment single figure scenes and multi figure dioramas.  Available in various scales, this vast selection of highly detailed products will enhance the appearance of your scene.  The incredible amount of detail in these very clean resin castings will impress even the most discriminating modeler!

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New series - 75 mm scale (1/24 - 1/25 scale) diorama aids 75 mm New series - 75 mm scale (1/24 - 1/25 scale) diorama aids
Tree stumps, dead trees, boulders All Selection of various sizes of tree stumps, dead trees and rocks/boulders
F54 & F54 1A.jpg (25532 bytes) Fences (wood, rock), gabions 1/32 & 1/35 Wood fences (picket, snake, rail, etc.) & rock walls, gabions
M54-14.jpg (3486 bytes) Crates & boxes 1/32 & 1/35 Although many listed as 1/35 scale, this vast selection of wooden crates is also compatible with 1/32 scale. 
A32 501 farm yard draw well.jpg (28434 bytes) 19th century diorama accessories related to Wild West, farm scenes, etc. 1/32 Wood shed, water well, water trough, buckets, barrels, etc.
M35-140.jpg (5321 bytes) Miscellaneous World War II accessories 1/35 scale, page 1 1/35 Various oil cans, tank obstacles, jerry cans, etc., mostly WW2
M35-141.jpg (7496 bytes) Miscellaneous World=War II & Viet Nam accessories 1/35 scale, page 2 1/35 Various oil cans, tank obstacles, jerry cans, etc., WW2 & 'Nam
Viet Nam 1/35 scale "pisser" figure sets 1/35 American Viet Nam pisser figure and pisser figure in base camp latrine
M90-4.jpg (9298 bytes) Miscellaneous accessories 90 mm scale 1/20 (90 mm) Fences, barrels, campfire accessories, gabions, etc., all suitable for larger scale (90 mm and above)
Medieval accessories 54 mm scale 1/32 Archer's accessories, palisades stakes, carts & wheels, etc.

Architectural elements (columns) 1/32 + multi Romanesque & Greco-Roman columns (suitable for many scales), in a variety of sizes & styles
Architectural elements (medieval) 1/32 Assortment of walls with doors, walls with windows, etc. suitable to represent medieval buildings & castles
Architectural elements (brick walls) 1/32 & 1/35 Various brick walls, pillars doorways, can also be compatible with other scales (other than listed)
Figure bases & architectural elements  in 54-mm (1/32) scale 1/32 Various figure bases (most compatible with ancient and medieval figures)
Architectural elements (walls), 25 mm scale 1/72 Assortment of stone walls, brick walls, all compatible with 25-mm scale models & figures
Miscellaneous accessories, World War II, 25-mm scale 1/72 Various fuel drums & wooden crates (World War II era) in 25-mm scale

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