Diorama Accessories:

Bayardi  Architectural elements: Romanesque & Greco-Roman columns

1/32 (54-mm) scale, although compatible with many scales

Unpainted Resin Kits Made in USA

This vast selection of highly detailed products will enhance the appearance of your final scene.  The incredible amount of detail in these very clean resin castings will impress even the most discriminating hobbyist!

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Description Price Photo
MSC/55 Greco-Roman full column, 123 mm high $12.00

MSC/55A Greco-Roman, weathered full column, 123 mm high $12.00

MSC/56 Romanesque full column with octagonal base, 120 mm high $12.00

MSC/56A Romanesque weathered full column with octagonal base, 120 mm high $12.00

MSC/57 Short column base ruin set, 3 pieces $15.00

MSC/59 Greco-Roman ruined column base combo pack, contains one each: MSC/59A, MSC/59B, MSC/59C $18.00

MSC/59A Greco-Roman short ruined column base, 41 mm high $5.00

MSC/59B Greco-Roman medium ruined column base, 58 mm high $6.00

MSC/59C Greco-Roman tall ruined column base, 75 mm high $7.00

MSC/59D Greco-Roman ruined column base, 110 mm high $9.50

MSC/60 Greco-Roman collapsed columns

temporarily out of stock


MSC/60A Greco-Roman column drum ruins, contains 3 pieces $9.00

MSC/61 Greco-Roman full column, 184 mm high $16.00

MSC/61A Greco-Roman full weathered column, 184 mm high

temporarily out of stock


MSC/65 Romanesque ruined octagonal base column combo pack, contains one each MSC/65A, MSC/65B, MSC/65C $18.00

MSC/65A Romanesque short ruined octagonal base column, 50 mm high $5.00

MSC/65B Romanesque medium ruined octagonal base column, 70 mm high $6.00

MSC/66 Romanesque Ruined Square Base Column Combo Pack, 1 each of MSC/66A, MSC/66B & MSC/66C $18.00

MSC/66A Romanesque Short Ruined Square Base Column, 50mm high $5.00

MSC/66B Romanesque Medium Ruined Square Base Column, 70mm high $6.00

MSC/66C Romanesque Tall Ruined Square Base Column, 88mm high $7.00

MSC/70 Romanesque Pilasters with Octagonal Bases, 2 pieces  119mm high $12.00

MSC/71 Romanesque Pilasters with Square Bases, 2 pieces  117mm high $12.00

MSC/72 Medium Column Base Ruin Set (3 pieces) $18.00

MSC/73 Tall Column Base Ruin Set (3 pieces) $21.00

MSC/74 Romanesque Collapsed Columns (7 pieces) $12.00

MSC/75 Romanesque Column Shaft (without base), 102 mm high $8.50

MSC/75A Romanesque Weathered Column Shaft (without base), 102 mm high $8.50

MSC/661 Mini Column Base Ruins, contains 3 pc. 34, 47, 60 mm high $7.50

MSC/662 Small Norman Columns with Individual Drums, contains 2 pc., 69 mm high $7.50

MSC/663 Small Norman Columns with Smooth Shafts, contains 2 pc., 72 mm high $7.50

MSC/664 Small coupled Roman Column, 80 mm high $7.50

MSC/669 Norman Pilasters, 59 mm height set of two $7.50

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