C.S.S. Pioneer Confederate Submarine by Cottage Industry Ltd

1/32 scale (54-mm) resin kit made in USA

# CO 32-004



Before the CSS Hunley was the CSS Pioneer.  A privateer 2 man submarine, completion was done in early 1862.  Although very little is known about her activity, she did sink some vessels during experimental tests.  Measuring about 30 feet long, she was partially owned by B.F. Barrow, brother-in-law of the famed H.L. Hunley.  Before she could attack a Union ship, Admiral David Farragut captured New Orleans and she was sunk to prevent her from falling into Federal hands.  The Pioneer was recovered long after the Civil War and was transferred to her present site in the Presbytere Arcade, Louisiana State Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Our resin kit measures 13 inches long, contains about 12 resin parts (plus some brass parts), and is relatively easy to build.

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