David Bushnell's Submarine of the American Revolution of 1776: TURTLE

1/32 scale (54-mm) resin kit made in USA

# CO 32-005



This kit's historical accuracy & high quality make it one of Cottage Industry's best!  An inventor from Connecticut, David Bushnell, built history's first vessel to be used as an attacking submarine in New York harbor.  It was called the Turtle because it resembled two large tortoise shells of equal size fitting together.  Constructed of six inch oak timbers coated with tar, the hull was waterproof.  The Turtle had targeted the HMS Eagle, flag ship of the British fleet.  On September 6, 1776, the Turtle was supposed to secure a cask of gunpowder to the hull of the British flag ship, and then quietly sneak away.  But the submarine got tangled with the Eagle's rudder bar, losing ballast and surfacing before the gunpowder charge could be planted.  

This kit has it all!  A complete interior for cutaway display gives you a feel for all the cramped spaces.  Standing at three inches tall, this wonderful kit has a great sense of scale proportion.  Fairly easy to build.


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