U.S.S. Keokuk 1/96 Scale Ironclad Resin Kit

 made in USA by Cottage Industry Ltd

# CO 96-001



This experimental ironclad steamer was launched from New York harbor in March, 1863, headed to assist in the attack of Charleston.  The ironclad embodied some unusual concepts: her two stationary cylindrical gun towers, each pierced with three gun ports, which often caused her to be mistaken by a double-turreted monitor; and her armor of horizontal iron bars alternating with strips of wood.  The ship's armament consisted of two 11" Dahlgren guns placed in two non-rotating turrets.  The guns were mounted on turrets that swiveled on circular tracks embedded on the wood deck within the turrets.  Once in battle, the ironclad was riddled by 90 hits, one-fifth which pierced her at or below the water-line.  She was withdrawn from the action and anchored overnight beyond range of the Confederate forts, while her crew struggled to keep her afloat.  Next day, April 8th, when a breeze came up, Keokuk took on more water, filled rapidly, and sunk off Morris Island.

Our kit, modeled to be historically accurate, has the 1/96th scale resin hull cast in upper and lower halves.  The other resin parts consists of 80 parts, plus the ship's two boats.  In addition to the resin parts, included alloy parts consists of two Dahlgren guns, 2 gun carriages, 2 kedge anchors, 3 bits, 6 old-style davits, 24 oars, and 36 double blocks.  The included 15 apge instruction manual has all the information you'll need including numerous diagrams and photos.  Measures approximately 21 inches long.  A "must" addition for the serious Civil War collector!

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