C.S.S. Palmetto State Ironclad Ram 1/96 Scale Ironclad Resin Kit

  made in USA by Cottage Industry Ltd

# CO 96-002



The CSS Palmetto State, an ironclad ram, had 4" thick armor on the shield, backed by 22" of wood, 2" inches of iron elsewhere.  Her pilot house was located abaft the stack.  This ship was of the Richmond class of which the Confederacy had six throughout the course of the war.  On January 31st, 1863, the Palmetto State and her sister ram, the CSS Chicora (similar in design with the major difference being a four sided casemate versus this eight sided vessel), launched a surprise attack on the blockading Union force, off Charleston.  Since she has such a low silhouette, she was able to keep under the guns of the USS Mercidita, ramming her, firing at her, forcing her to surrender.  Then turning her attention to the USS Keystone State, she launched several shells into her, causing loss of all power, later being towed into safety.  The two Confederate rams then turned their attention to other Federal blockaders with long range gun action inflicting little damage to either side.  This attack caused a temporary withdrawal of the Union blockaders, motivating the Confederate Government's claim that the Union blockade was successfully raised.  The Palmetto State also aided in the defense of Charleston harbor during the unsuccessful attack by Admiral SF DuPont in April 1863.  Her officers and men were also sited for their valor during the removal of troops from Fort Wagner and Battery Gregg in September 1863 (short time period after the Union's unsuccessful assault of the fort as depicted in the movie "Glory".  The Palmetto State's destiny was sealed in February 1865 while the Confederates were evacuating Charleston.  Rather than surrender her, the fleeing Rebels set her ablaze.

Our Palmetto State kit is about 27 inches long and features a full interior for the gun deck and metal fittings.  It's not a very hard model to build, but we suggest some prior model building experience.  The instruction book is fully illustrated and improved.  The hull is hollow, and can be scratch built inside, although to our knowledge, this has not been done (if anyone braves this arduous task, please send us a photo!)

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