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groundwork  (From Italy)

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Made of natural non-toxic materials.  Glues onto base of figure or diorama with regular white glue.  Can be painted or air brushed.  Since materials are natural, they actually do not require any painting and can be used as is!


As figure painter modelers, we are always on a quest to find the right material to simulate grass in the right scale and the right texture to achieve most realistic effect.  Marco Ganghini, discoverer of this remarkable non-toxic natural material, has now given us "RealGrass".

This material can be used for virtually any scale, and can also be used to simulate straw.  Material's natural color allows it to be used "as is", but can also be airbrushed or painted.  Cutting material to smaller size even allows usage with 1/72 scale modeling products!


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Here's an example of RealGrass used with figure:   realgrassexample with figure.jpg (16766 bytes) (click on thumbnail photo to enlarge)



Description Price Photo


RealGrass (natural color).  Made of natural fibers.  Excellent alternative to static grass.  New and improved version features shorter strands!

Temporarily out of stock



REALGRASS DO 001r.jpg (13869 bytes)

Wanna see more???

Click here to view easy step-by-step usage guide & photos of examples of RealGrass depicted in diorama scenes!

More excellent groundwork products available from Dioramaterials:


Description Price Photo
DM-MD02 Foliage.  Made of natural fibers.  Can be used to create groundcover (as is), or use with sticks to create bushes or trees.  The Andrea brand tree (below) can be used to create a tree with foliage.

Click here to see additional photos & some methods of use

Temporarily out of stock



foliage DO 002r.jpg (11784 bytes)


example1r.jpg (18080 bytes)

example3r.jpg (13629 bytes)

DM-MD04 Grove.  New addition to this growing line!  A natural product that has good versatility and can be used in a variety of methods (see photos below).

Single Grove plant photos:  grove02.jpg (48808 bytes) grove03.jpg (30419 bytes)

Grove plants used with "Foliage" product (#DM-MD-02) listed above: grove04.jpg (49019 bytes)

Grove plants shown in a figure groundwork base setting: grove05.jpg (44323 bytes)

Grove plants with foliage shown next to 54 mm figure (shows scale): grove06.jpg (35876 bytes)

Grove plants without foliage shown next to 54 mm figure: grove07.jpg (133734 bytes)

Versatility shown here using plants as base plants:  grove08.jpg (42932 bytes)

Temporarily out of stock




grove01.jpg (38554 bytes)
DM-MD07 Mixed green leaves. 

A natural product that can be used to simulate live & dead fallen leaves, adding a nice touch of realism to virtually any scene representing any season.   Mixture of brown & green leaves.

Similar to above, but contains both brown & green leaves.

Temporarily out of stock


(similar to above)
DM-MD10 Flowers: red  A natural product that can add much character & realism to a figure scene.

Flowers shown in a figure groundwork base setting:  flowers5.jpg (36790 bytes)  flowers 2.jpg (29589 bytes)


DM-MD10 web red flowers.jpg (30530 bytes)
DM-MD11 Flowers: yellow  A natural product that can add much character & realism to a figure scene. $4.99

DM-MD11 yellow.jpg (29362 bytes)


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