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MMW54046 Wheat Stalks, contains 4 stems.  1/35th, 54-mm scale & works with most scales.  Natural product (imported from Greece). 

Individual wheat stalks get cut from main stem.  Individual stalks can be used to represent smaller foliage such as weeds.  If clumped together, foliage can be used to represnt bushes or shrubs in varying heights.  Photo depicts stems cut in various lengths:

Since this is a natural product, the stalk sizes can vary.  Below is photo of typical size of single stem:

Stalks are natural color and do not require painting, if depicting wheat stalks at time of harvest.  They can be painted green to represent early wheat growth or other foliage.

Below are two photos of diorama created by Fernando Volpe & Tommaso Nicosia as depicted in Soldatini April 2008 edition.  The scratch built diorama is called "Custova Harvesters of Lives" (54 mm scale):


$9.99 (set of four)

MMW54047 Wild Grass, contains two clumps.  1/35th & 54-mm scale & (compatible with virtually any scale).  Natural product (imported from Greece). 

Clumps can be separated into smaller clumps (as in photo below).  Unlike typical hobby wild grass, these clumps have grass blades attached at base, and are much easier to work with (no messy individual blades).  Clumps can also be trimmed to size.

This natural product is paintable, and glues to base with white glue.  Clump sizes vary.

$5.99 (pair)

MMW54029 Grass (wild grass).  Seaweed that can be used to simulate grass, wild grasses, weeds, scenic overgrowth, etc.  Works with any scale.  Natural seaweed material can be painted.  Contains two large clumps (as shown).  Ideal for 1/35th & 54mm scale.

Click here for on line tutorial for tips and instructions by figure painter Jim Patrick on how to use this product.


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