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Tutorial on how to use Grass/WildGrass (#54029)

by Jim Patrick, courtesy of Jim Patrick & Planetfigure

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Description Photo
Step 1

Materials list

Materials used: “Grass (Wildgrass)", #MMW54029, white glue (such as Elmer’s, with suggestion to use carpenter's white glue which has more adhesiveness), static grass (optional), toothpicks, hobby scissors, tweezers. step 5.jpg (31703 bytes)
Step 2

Static grass application

Apply static grass.  Dilute white glue with water , then brush mixture on figure base.  Apply generous amount of static grass. step 6.jpg (38358 bytes)
Step 3

Finish static grass

Blow off the excess static grass.  This will cause some of the grass that remains to stand up, simulating standing grass (technique by Shep Paine). step 7.jpg (33748 bytes)
Step 4

Using Grass/Wildgrass

Begin using the Grass product (MMW54029) by using tweezers and pulling small amount. step 8.jpg (30284 bytes)
Step 5

Trimming the bottom

With grass in place in tweezers, cut the bottom off.  This gives you a better surface to secure grass on base. step 9.jpg (30238 bytes)
Step 6

Glue application

Dip the flat edge (edge just cut with scissors) into undiluted white glue. step 10.jpg (26152 bytes)
Step 7

Apply to base

Place this clump on groundwork where you want it, and gently spread (fan) the top out, since grass does not grow straight up & down. step 11.jpg (33003 bytes)
Step 8

Continued application

Continue placing wads of Grass all over the base, using a natural growth random pattern of placement.  Two photos depict front and back. step 12.jpg (34514 bytes)

step 13.jpg (33240 bytes)

Step 9


After grass has dried, it can now be trimmed down.  If the current effect achieved is more desirable (with tall wild growth), this step may be unnecessary.  Using pair of scissors, trim grass to desired length (in this case, since the figure to be used is 54-mm scale, the grass has been trimmed).  Top photo is before trimming and bottom photo is after trimming is complete step 14.jpg (36900 bytes)

step 15.jpg (35327 bytes)

Step 10


Next, grass is painted green.  Process shown using an airbrush, but regular paintbrush can be also used.  (Note: the dirt will be painted brown once grass is completely finished). step 17.jpg (34484 bytes)
Step 11

Grass is green

Grass now completely painted green, and photo depicts grass before highlighting is done. step 18.jpg (45408 bytes) 
Step 12

Groundwork complete

Highlighting applied to grass, and ground now painted brown.  Groundwork is complete!  step 19.jpg (45277 bytes)
Step 13

Apply figure

Figure is applied. step 20.jpg (36102 bytes)
Finished! The finished figure applied to base (front and back view) step 22.jpg (43254 bytes) step 23.jpg (43577 bytes)
MMW54029 Military Miniatures Warehouse Grass/Wild Grass (54029), package of two. 54026.jpg (61596 bytes)


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