Painted Historical Figures:           

  Eighteenth & Nineteenth century history

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54-mm scale scale figures.   Sorted by brand.  

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Description Price Photo
Connoisseur Collection OF St. Petersburg: Andrea Miniatures of Spain
ANS4S5PE Custerís Last Stand 5 figure diorama featuring Custer and 4 of his famed 7th Cavalryman at the Battle of Little Big Horn (54-mm scale)  $479.99


Rogatchev Miniatures of St. Petersburg

Texas Ranger with border pole (future release)

$89.99 053.jpg (17255 bytes)
RGH008PM Cheyenne Indian mounted, w/spear (future release)  $179.99 H008.jpg (21524 bytes)
RGH010PM U.S.7th Cavalry sergeant, mounted (future release) $179.99 H010.jpg (22160 bytes)
RGH012PM Indian, leaping from horse (future release) $179.99 H012.jpg (22338 bytes)
RGH013PM Frontiersman, mounted, aiming musket (future release) $149.99 H013.jpg (19317 bytes)

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