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Ancient history through the first millennium (1000 AD)
Knights and the Middle Ages
Asia's history
Age of Napoleon 
18th & 19th century history
American Civil War
Modern Era


The brands of painted figures you will find here: 


We have expanded our assortment to include painted figures and will continue to expand with new lines.  Some of these manufacturers make products in various historical periods.  Below is the list of the brands of painted figures we stock. 



New!  Our own brand of 54-mm scale metal figures of the Civil War sculpted by the artists from the St. Petersburg, Russia arts and culture center.

Our's exclusively!:

Elen* Models has been created as a form of opportunity for all collectors to see and to experience the Real World of Russian Good Quality Models.  Figures in Medieval (Knights & the Middle Ages) section & Napoleonics.

Connoisseur Collection OF St. Petersburg

Figures from Andrea, Shenandoah, Pegaso, FM Beneito, Art Girona

We have contracted with the artisans of Saint Petersburg, Russia to paint these 54-mm scale figure kits to world class standards and are now making them available to you at reasonable prices.  Figures available in all historical eras listed in above index.

Click here to learn more about this special collection.

Rogatchev Miniatures of Saint Petersburg

Established in 1993, this St. Petersburg Russian artisan has developed an excellent reputation in his home land for top quality 54-mm scale metal miniatures depicting all historical periods.

999-S of Saint Petersburg

54-mm scale figures from various historical periods. Imported from St. Petersburg, Russia, crafted and painted by Russian artisans.  

Troiani Historical Miniatures

54-mm scale value priced Civil War set based on the famous Troiani painting "Lee's Texans" 

Forward March

54-mm scale value priced Civil War + new Agincourt collection (metal figures).  Imported from China. 


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