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  Asia including China, Japan & the Mongolian Empire


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Description Price Photo
Connoisseur Collection OF St. Petersburg: Andrea Miniatures of Spain
ANSMF05PM Samurai, 1300 (Temporarily out of stock). $139.99

SM-F05 Samurai 1300.jpg (9053 bytes)
Rogatchev Miniatures of St. Petersburg

Samurai warrior XVI c  (future release)

$79.99 wpeC9.jpg (12350 bytes)
RG004PM Samurai chieftain Takeda Shingen 1521 - 73  (future release) $89.99 004web.jpg (24149 bytes)
RG008PM Japanese ninja XVI c.   (future release) $49.99 008 web.jpg (16220 bytes)
RG014PM Samurai archer XVIc. (temporarily out of stock) $99.99 014.jpg (24965 bytes)
RG020aPM Ghengis Khan in dragon's coat $89.99


020.jpg (29700 bytes)

  Kung-fu fighter w/ staff   (future release)

$69.99 023web.jpg (22333 bytes)
RG025PM Kung-fu powerman  (future release) $69.99 025web.jpg (26751 bytes)
RG026PM Kung-fu fighter, falling (future release) $69.99 026web.jpg (23558 bytes)
RG027PM Daosist magician  (future release) $59.99 027web.jpg (20353 bytes)
RG035PM Lady Kung-fu w/ sword (future release) $69.99 035.jpg (47839 bytes)
RG042PM Sohei - Japanese warrior-monk XVIc. (temporarily out of stock) $79.99 042.jpg (34109 bytes)
RGH014PE Chinese General XIII - XIV c., mounted $339.99 H014.jpg (34339 bytes)
RGH020PM Svyatoslav, Prince of Russia, mounted $179.99


H020.jpg (21133 bytes)

Tibetan warrior on yak XIII - XVc.   (future release) (special limited edition)

$159.99 EX002web.jpg (25766 bytes)
RGEX004 Indian combat elephant IVc. B.C. with 2 riders  (future release) (special limited edition) $399.99 EX004web.jpg (27862 bytes)
RGEX005 Master Kung-fu, fighting w/ tiger   (future release) (special limited edition) $179.99 EX005web.jpg (30150 bytes)

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