Painted Medieval Historical Figures:

The Age of Chivalry and The Renaissance 

(including historical  eras from 1000 AD through the 17th century)

Page 2

54-mm scale scale figures.   Sorted by brand.  

Click on small photo to see larger photo.


Description Price Photo
Connoisseur Collection OF St. Petersburg: Andrea Miniatures of Spain
ANSMF10PM Braveheart, 1297 $111.00 SM-F10 Brave Heart 1297.jpg (7471 bytes)
ANSMF41PM Joan of Arc, 1429 with banner  $119.99 SM-F41 Joan of Arc, Orleans 1429.jpg (24628 bytes)

Teutonic Knight 1360 holding banner

$119.99 SM-F03 Teutonic Knight 1360.jpg (8318 bytes)
ANSMF04PM Knight 1280 $111.00 SM-F04 Knight 1280.jpg (7977 bytes)
ANSMF08PM Italian Knight 1350 $89.99

SM-F08 Italioan Knight 1450.jpg (5782 bytes)
ANSMF09PM Mounted Knight in Armour, 1520 $379.99 SM-F09 Mounted Knight in armour 1520.jpg (8680 bytes)
ANSMF23PM Knight with Axe  $129.99

SM-F23 Knight with Axe.jpg (7280 bytes)
ANSMS01PM Black Prince at the Battle of Crecy (diorama) 1346, includes one mounted figure and 2 foot figures . $549.99

SM-S01 Black Prince at Crecy 1346.jpg (49781 bytes)
Connoisseur Collection OF St. Petersburg: Pegaso Miniatures of italy

Louis de Nevers, Count of Flanders XIVc. 

$119.99 54-025 Louis de Nevers Count of Flanders XIVc.jpg (46955 bytes)
PE54088PM Sir William Wallace, 1298.   $129.99 54-088 William Wallace 1298.jpg (35181 bytes)
PE54037PM Italian Knight 1450 $119.99

54-037 Italian Knight 1450.jpg (46805 bytes)

 Noble Russian Warrior XIVc.   


54-032 Noble Russian Warrior XIV c.jpg (44428 bytes)
PE54033PM Byzantine Infantryman XIVc. $119.99 54-033 Bizantine Infantryman XIVc.jpg (42118 bytes)
PE54034PM  Noble Russian Warrior XIIc.   $111.00 54-034 Noble Russian Warrior, XIIc.jpg (40464 bytes)
PE54073PM Navarrese Heavy Infantryman Spain XIVc. $119.99

54-073 Navarrese heavy infantryman Spain XIVc.jpg (21797 bytes)

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