Painted Medieval Historical Figures:

The Age of Chivalry and The Renaissance 

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(including historical  eras from 1000 AD through the 17th century)

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54-mm scale scale figures.   Sorted by brand.  

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Description Price Photo
Connoisseur Collection OF St. Petersburg: Pegaso Miniatures of italy (continued)
PE54076PM Italian Knight, end of XIIc.  $129.99

54-076 Italian Knight end of XIIc.jpg (30260 bytes)
PE54094PM German Knight with Barbuta 1350-1370 $139.99

54-094 German Knight with Barbuta 1350-1370.jpg (28866 bytes)
PE54095PM German Knight with war axe 1350-1370 $139.99

54-095 German Knight with waraxe 1350-1370.jpg (45553 bytes)

Central Italian Knight with axe 1290-1300  

$124.99 54-096 Central Italian Knight with axe 1290-1300.jpg (19277 bytes)
PE54101PM  Bohemian Knight 1350-1370   $119.99 54-101 Bohemian Knight 1350-1370.jpg (33025 bytes)
Rogatchev Miniatures of St. Petersburg
RG015PM Norman Knight, XI c., with sword & shield $89.99


015.jpg (32515 bytes)
RG057bPM Marshall of 30 Year’s War, holding banner   $99.99


057B.jpg (24618 bytes)
RGH004bPM Jean de Commines French Knight $249.99


H004.B.jpg (24773 bytes)
RGH006PM Russian Noble Warrior “Druzhinik” XIIIc., mounted $189.99


H006.jpg (16992 bytes)
RGH023-11PM Knight, Comte de Bar, XIIIc. with banner, XIIIc., $249.99


H023-11.jpg (30637 bytes)

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