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Figure Bases Series

Our figure bases are much simpler than the vignette bases although there are no concessions in terms of detail.

1/35 Scale (compatible with 54-mm) diorama accessories - Made in The Netherlands

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Description Price Photo
RIS35081 The Urn.  This is a classic figure base consisting of a small section of cobblestone road, a very decorative pedestal and a beautifully detailed classic urn. It will be a perfect base for historical figures from many different era's and should be a pleaseure to paint and weather.

Key Features

- 54mm Scale 

- Base measures 5x5cm and the pedestal and urn together are 7cm high 

- Contains 2 resin pieces and scenic moss for weathering


RIS35093 "The Capital" Figure Base.  The Capital figure base consists of a detailed Greek / Roman capital with base and is an original display base for any figure. This figure base can be used for many scales of figures, it could even suit some 1/16 figures.

Key Features:

-The Capital is 5,5cm high and is 5,8 at its widest point

-Contains 2 resin parts


35093-Capital-figure-base.jpg (41121 bytes)
RIS35094 Ancient Column Ruin Figure Base, ideally suited for 75-90 mm scale figure kits.  This Ancient Column Ruin is our first figure base for the larger scale 75mm/90mm. It depicts a damaged Greek/Roman Ionic Column on a base covered with very detailed debris. It could be used for figures from the ancients until current day making it a very versatile backdrop for your figures.

Key Features:

-Base measures 10x8cm (WxD); column is 20cm high

-Kit is designed for 75 to 90mm figures

-Contains 4 resin parts and a sheet with full color reference pictures



35094-Ancient-Column-Ruin.jpg (34525 bytes)
RIS35097 Ruined House Section.  This is a simple yet effective figure base but don't be mistaken, in true Reality in Scale style, it is a very detailed miniature with several extra's to give the model some added personality. All the stone and woodwork has a very realistic look and will be a joy to paint and weather. This figure base can be used for 1/35 or 54mm miniatures from a wide time span from the 18th century thru modern times.

Key Features:

-Scale 1/35 - 54mm

-2 Resin pieces

-Kit includes a beautiful stained glass window, aluminum mesh and enameled street signs for 4 different countries

-Model painted by Olav Smeets


35097_House_Ruin_9.jpg (41205 bytes)
RIS35099 The Harbor.  The Harbor is a very atmospheric figure base including many typical items like an anchor, bollard, barrel and a sack and wooden box. The harbor will be a joy to paint as so many details are incorporated in the small base. This 1/35 - 54mm miniature will be a picturesque setting for a lot of different figures from long ago until the mid 20th century.

Key Features:

-Scale 1/35 - 54mm

-Base measures 6,4cmx7,5cmx4,5cm (WxDxH)

-Kit contains one solid resin casting, a section of miniature rope, brass eyepins and rings and a set of early to mid 20th century posters for 4 countries

temporarily out of stock


35099_The_Harbour_6.jpg (41813 bytes)
RIS35192 Column with Stairs - 3 resin pcs.  This nicely detailed figure base consists of a ruined column on a base with large sandstones. This figure base is a beautiful backdrop for any figure from the ancient Greeks until a WWII Fallschirmjäger.
Key features:

-Kit contains 3 resin castings

-Scale 1/35 - 54mm

-Base measures 5,7 x 6,5 x 12,5cm (DxWxH)

-Master and painting by Olav Smeets


RIS35196 The Old Pier - 10 resin pcs, miniature rope & metal eyebolt.  This is a very picturesque little scene to put your figure(s) on containing no less then 13 pieces for a super detailed vignette! The main floor of the pier measures 9x5cm so there should be room for up to 3 figures.
Key Features:

-kit contains 11highly detailed resin pieces, rope and a metal eyebolt

-pier main floor measures 9x5cm (about 3 1/2 X 2 inches)

-master by Olav Smeets, painting by Jeroen Plettenberg

-scale 1/35 - 54mm


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