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A note from the producer: "We work really hard to produce a high quality, original and useful line of diorama products. We hope that you feel we succeeded in that and hope youŽll find some interesting products which will give you a lot of pleasure, relaxation and satisfaction in your coming modeling projects! Happy modeling!"

1/35 scale (compatible with 54-mm) diorama aids & accessories line from The Netherlands.

Note: although this line is described as "World War II"-era, many of the products are compatible with a variety of historical periods  from ancient times (Romans, Greeks, etc.) through the ages (European 14th, 15th, 16th century for example), right through modern times!


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Miniature Architecture

This category contains some beautiful miniature examples of important architectural eras like Renaissance, Baroque and Classicism. It will surely be a highlight of your vignette or diorama.

Resin Accessories This broad range of diorama accessories consists of original items that will help you to dress up your vignette or diorama or which could even be the centerpiece.
Printed Accessories

This product category contains a wide range of very handy items which will give a colorful finishing touch to your vehicle, vignette or diorama. All the products have been manufactured to resemble reality as closely as possible in terms of the materials used and the final look.  Section contains four pages!

Vignette Bases The vignette bases series contains beautifully detailed settings for your figure vignettes in different sizes. Each vignette base has been mastered with a great attention to atmosphere and detail to become an impressive background where you can place your superbly painted figures on.
Figure Bases

Our figure bases are much simpler than the vignette bases above although there are no concessions in terms of detail.

Figures 1/35th scale figures and animals
Roads & Sidewalks

This section contains a growing range of roads, sidewalks and similar items. Truly basic stuff for your dioramas but with the detail and originality you can expect from Reality in Scale!

Groundwork Sensational groundwork products line, includes snow, ice, mud, etc.
Trees & bushes Extremely realistic line of trees, including new highly detailed line of finished palm trees
Useful Stuff This category contains the kind of products that are always useful for any serious modeler and that are sometimes hard to find.

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