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Figure Accessories

You've seen painted figures with some added touches that really complete the realism with effects that make you ask "how did they do that? We have a superior selection of figure accessories that will get you there. 

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Individual Figure Accessories

Category Brand Description

Figure Accessories

Archer Eye decals & tattoos in variety of scales
Custom Dioramics 54-mm scale Civil War flag decals
Kamizukuri 1/35th scale World War II figure accessories
Live Resin 1/35th scale laser sculpted weapons & accessories...incredible new line, a "must see"! (Russia)
Nimix Photo etched figure accessories & flags of the Civil War & Wild West 54-mm scale
Nimix Photo etched uniform insignias & flags of World War II (1/35 & 120-mm scale)
Michael Roberts Various weapons, hands, shoes, etc. in 54 & 75-mm scales
Shenandoah Variety of Civil War accessories such as photo etched flags & insignias, weapons, accoutrements, etc. all in 54-mm scale
Techstar Weapons, slings etc. compatible with 1/35 & 1/32 scale


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