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Diorama Accessories & Groundwork Supplies

There are a multitude of ways to make your painted figures, vignettes & dioramas appear as the pros do.  Simple things such as adding  ammo crates to an artillery scene.

We have a vast selection of Groundwork lines to add that touch of realism to any figure scene or diorama.  Our Diorama Aids lines are from the top manufacturers in our hobby.   

Click on the 'Brand' links below to get to page you are looking for.

Category Brand Description


Andrea Artificial water, plants, trees
Diorama Materials This Italian company currently markets many excellent groundwork products: Realgrass, Foliage, Shrubs, Grove.  Works for all scales.
Fredericus Rex High quality German manufacturer of new line of the hobby's best grass tufts, available in variety of sizes & colors.  Works with virtually any scale.
Hudson & Allen Mud, muck, leaves, vegetation, etc.
Joefix Studios Extensive new groundwork line ideal for 1/32 (54-mm) and 1/35 (48 mm) scale, although works with many scales.
J's Work New line from Hong Kong featuring trees, cactus plants & a large variety of photo etcehd papaer plants, all value priced!
Kamizukuri Groundwork line from Japan ideal for 1/32 (54-mm) and 1/35 (48 mm) scale, although works with many scales.  Line made up of very realistic photo etched paper products.
Military Miniatures Warehouse Wheat stalks, trees, various realistic grasses, corn stalks,  (compatible with 54 mm & various other scales).
Model Scene A new line from the Czech Republic.  Extremely realistic grass mats, paper photo etched leaves, leaf set.
Nimix Artificial water & snow
Plus Models 1/35th & 54 mm scale realistic photo etched paper leaves plus grass tufts & grass reeds
Reality in Scale Tree & bushes series, compatible with 1/35th scale & other scales, includes new highly detailed line of finished palm trees
Reality in Scale various products to simulate snow, ice, mud & forest litter.  Cool groundwork line!
Scalerama An incredible new line of diorama creation materials from Korea.  Lots of jungle vegetation, water effects, smoke effects, snow, scale model trees, etc.
Techstar photo-etched vegetation
TREEMENDUS 1/35 - 54 mm scale groundwork products from England, includes extremely popular wire armature tree line kits!
Vallejo Water effects series (simulates water), works in any scale
Diorama Accessories
Animals Assortment of farm animals, cats, dogs, critters, birds, etc. cast in 54 mm scale metal or resin from a variety of manufacturers
Andrea Wild West accessories Assortment of 19th century diorama aids such as barrels, coffee pots, horses, etc. cast in 54 mm scale metal
Horses (various brands) Various brands of 54-mm scale & 120 mm scale  bare horses & horse accessories
Bayardi Widespread assortment of tree stumps, rock walls, fences, barrels, crates, etc. in different scales (most in 54-mm, also some 90-mm scale)
Darius Miniatures "Wedgies" (scale model slices or parts of vehicles or armor), this product range of scenic figure bases stretches your imagination to a new level of displaying your 1/35 scale figures!
Dioramas Plus Architectural kits in 1/35 scale cast in hydrocal plaster mostly depicting World war II era.  Extremely realistic, well cast line!
Doug's Originals A great assortment of resin cast, wonderfully sculpted animals compatible with 1/32 (54 mm) & 1/35 (48 mm) scale
Fredericus Rex Assortment of photo-etched laser cut paper products to depict wrought iron fences, gates, signs, etc.
Historex/Nemrod 1/32 scale farm equipment & surgical equipment compatible with 18th & 19th century; 1/35 scale cows
Hudson & Allen Studios 1/35 scale Word War II era accessories including walls, damaged building, street signs, etc.
Joefix Studios 1/35 & other scales accessories including camouflage netting for models, chains, metal grills, brick walls, asphalt sheets, etc.
Juweela 1/35 scale diorama accessories, most cast in ceramic & some resin, includes bricks, flexible sandbag stes, corn stalks, etc.  From Germany.
J's Work New line from Hong Kong featuring plastic model kits of diorama accessories, photo etched military supplies & silicon molds to make your own endless supply of diorama aids!
Kenox/Nimix Complete wild west saloon, poker table & chairs, saloon facades, etc. cast in 54-mm scale resin
Kenox/Nimix 1/48 scale building, 1/35 scale guard house. 
La Meridiana Scenic figure bases and 17th/18th century Native American canoe all in 54-mm scale
Military Miniatures Warehouse Brick wall & wrought iron fence compatible with 1/32 & 1/35 scale
Plus Models How about a chicken/rabbit coop?  Compatible with 54-mm and 48-mm scale.  An incredible assortment of military & civilian provisions, weapons, accessories, etc. for dioramas.
Reality in Scale An incredible new line of 1/35 scale (compatible with 54-mm scale) diorama aids & accessories from The Netherlands.  A must for the most discerning figure painter.
Tiger Productions 1/35 scale architecture & figure bases
Tiger Wernke by Tiger Productions 1/35 scale architecture & figure bases

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